2022 Holiday Show Information

Date, Location and Show Order

  • Date: Dec 4
  • Location: Concordia Club, Kitchener
  • Show Order: Download Here (updated Nov 27)


**there are no change rooms at the hall, so please be sure to come dressed and ready to dance!

All dancers will need a plain black bodysuit (any style: long sleeve, short sleeve, tank style etc.). Dancers will also need black tights and proper dance shoes. (Please label shoes with Name and order to put them on 1 (jazz) 2 (hip hop) etc. Older dancers and non-binary students may wear leggings, and tank top over the bodysuit – please discuss with their teacher.

For acro students we also recommend black leggings so they can wear bare feet for their performance and safely perform their tricks.

If you are in need of shoes, here is a list of our recommendations:

Uniform List 2022 2023 Season.xlsx (danceadventure.ca)

Here is a link to our new local dance store: FreeStyle Dancewear (freestyle-dancewear.com)

Black bodysuits can be found at some local Walmart’s, Joe Fresh sections or at our local dance store, Freestyle.

All Dancers will get a piece of tinsel to wear in their hair, bobby pinned in like a head band.

Hair: In a high bun, no bangs, lots of gel & hairspray.

Make-up: white eye shadow under the brow, brown eye shadow in the eye crease, mascara, bright pink rosy cheeks, bright red lipstick.

Make-up & hair are a big part of the dance profession and theatre. Dancer’s wear make-up so facial features don’t get washed out under bright stage lights.


Boys will need their own Black t-shirt and black track pants, Hair Gel in hair, tinsel safety pined on neck collar of shirt.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Dancers and families please be there 20-30 minutes before the show time
  • It is first come, first serve seating.
  • Please look around at the raffle prizes and bake sale tables and find a seat.
  • The dancers will be called to the front about 15 min before show time to prepare for the show!
  • Dancers and Kids can sit in the front, on the floor. Parents are welcome to move around to get photos and videos
  • **Cash Only: We can only accept cash at the door and for raffle tickets and baked goods. You can get your tickets ahead at the studio the week before the show
  • We will need families to exit and re-enter between each show.