Competitive Information


  • The Competitive Team is for dedicated, hardworking dancers
  • Competitive dancers are ambassadors of our Studio. They must respect their instructors, fellow team members, fellow dancers, and themselves
  • Attendance is extremely important. If a student misses too many classes they may be asked to sit-out of competitions or leave the class
  • Weekly ballet training is required
  • Dancers are selected to join the competitive team at the instructor's discretion
  • Proper dance wear, foot wear and hair pulled back is a must for competitive students during class
  • Special tights, shoes, make-up and accessories may be required to be purchased by the dancer

Competition Information & Etiquette

  • Please be at the competition one hour before you perform.
  • Be dressed and ready to go.
  • After your dance is finished, you may choose to go home or stay for the awards to find out your result. It's nice to come early and stay afterward to watch the talent and support your fellow dancers.
  • NEW competitive parents - please feel free to ask Miss Jenna or Miss Jacqui any questions.
  • When you're on-stage receiving awards, be sure to be in your DA clothing, stand up to receive your award and say Thank You! You are a representative of Dance Adventure and it's important that you behave professionally.
  • Don't forget to get involved in competition fundraising!


We have approximately 3-5 fundraising events each year. These events help raise money to cover the competition entry fees.

Competitive dancers and their families are required to take part in the fundraising activities. Fundraising helps the whole Dance Adventure team - without fundraising activities we would not be able to offer such great dance opportunities to our students.

Annual Fundraising Events


Our annual Dance-A-Thon is held in late October as a fundraiser for the competitive team. It's chance for our dancers to dress-up and get to know one another while raising money to support their team.

Holiday Showcase

Our competitive team is responsible for organizing raffle prizes, the bake table and other items in support of our Recreational Holiday Showcase. The funds raised at this event go toward competition fees.